Free IVF - Deals on IVF Fertility Treatment

Free IVF - Deals on IVF Fertility Treatment

We publish Free IVF and IVF cost saving opportunities from Fertility Clinics worldwide. These are superb deals and can save you significant money. Or even better, they can allow you to do IVF that you could not otherwise afford. That's critical, and that's why we're here.

When you're talking to a Fertility Clinic about a free IVF offer don't forget to ask these important questions..

What type of IVF is involved? Conventional IVF, Mini IVF or Natural IVF?
What do I need to do to qualify?
How many free IVF cycles are you offering?
Does the free IVF include medications?

IVF medications are very expensive. Check to see if they're included. Conventional IVF uses full medications and these can cost thousands of dollars. Mini IVF uses less medications, so cost of medication will be much less than conventional IVF. Natural IVF uses almost no medications, so medication cost will be very low.

It's also important to realize that many women need more than one IVF cycle to be successful. For this reason we also publish special offers on IVF multi-cycle treatment programs. Many of these programs offer a guarantee, meaning you get a refund if treatment is not successful.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott