Afford IVF – 10 Ways To Save on IVF Costs

Here are 10 Afford IVF ways to reduce the cost of your IVF treatment..

IVF Clinical Trials
Here’s how they work. The entity running the trial (which could be a research group or a pharmaceutical company) recruits Fertility Clinics to actually perform the trial. The Fertility Clinics then need to recruit participants, so they offer an incentive which can be free IVF treatment or free IVF meds, or both.

IVF Seminars
Many Fertility Clinics offer free IVF seminars, some offer them on a regular schedule. These are a great way to meet the doctors and learn about IVF. But there’s something else. Many clinics give away a free IVF cycle at their seminars. This is a superb way to get free IVF because IVF seminars do not have huge attendance, so your probability of winning a free IVF cycle is good.

IVF Treatment Discount Plans
This may sound too easy to be true, but many IVF clinics offer IVF discount plans to those who cannot afford the full cost. But they don’t publicize this so you need to ask.

Free IVF Meds
This is a little known secret. Many fertility clinics have patients who donate their unused meds back to the clinic. So the clinic may have a supply of IVF meds donated by their patients. If you ask they will almost certainly give you these meds for free. But they do not publicize this service and you’ll never know about it unless you ask. If you do get donated meds please keep quiet about it. Do not draw attention to your fertility clinic. This is women donating to women.

IVF Military Discounts
Some fertility clinics offer free IVF or discount IVF to US Military Personnel and veterans. Some even extend these discounts to first responders and other emergency workers.

Egg Donation
If you are willing to donate eggs many clinics will offer you IVF for free. But remember, becoming an egg donor is a serious decision.

Travel Overseas
Some patients travel internationally to get reduced cost IVF and many fertility clinics offer all inclusive packages that include treatment and accommodation.

Multi-Cycle IVF Refund Programs
Purchasing a multi-cycle IVF package is of course more expensive than a single cycle. So how can this save costs? Many women undergo several cycles of IVF in their attempt to get pregnant. If these cycles are purchased individually and then fail the out-of-pocket cost can be huge. With a multi-cycle IVF refund program you pay upfront for several cycles, but if they fail you get a refund. Often the refund is 100%.
Natural IVF
Some fertility clinics offer a type of IVF called natural IVF. Some call it mini IVF or other names. It’s IVF that uses minimal or no medications, and it is often much cheaper than regular IVF. Ask your clinic about this.

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