Free IVF – How To Get It

IVF (InVitro Fertilization) is a high tech and expensive treatment for infertility. I publish free IVF deals from Fertility Clinics worldwide. These deals can save you a lot of money. Or they can allow you to do IVF that you could not otherwise afford. That’s critical, and that’s why I’m here.

When you’re talking to a Fertility Clinic about free IVF deals don’t forget to ask these important questions..

– What type of IVF is involved? Is it Conventional IVF, Mini IVF or Natural IVF?
– How do I qualify?
– Does the free IVF include medications?

IVF medications are expensive. Check to see if they’re included. Conventional IVF uses full medications and these can cost thousands of dollars. Mini IVF uses less medications, so cost is lower. Natural IVF uses almost no medications, so costs are very low.

A little known fact – ask your fertility clinic if they have any donated meds that you can get for free. Many do, but they will not mention it, you need to ask.

Don’t forget that some fertility clinics offer “shared donor” programs. So if you’re willing to be an egg donor you can get IVF for free. Ask if your clinic offers this.

It’s also important to realize that many women need more than one IVF cycle to be successful. For this reason I also publish special offers on multi-cycle IVF treatment programs. Some of these programs offer a guarantee, meaning you get a refund if treatment is not successful.

Another way to get free IVF is IVF seminars. Many Fertility Clinics offer these, some offer them on a regular schedule. This is a great way to meet the doctors and learn about IVF. But there’s more. Many clinics give away a free IVF treatment cycle at their seminars. Because IVF seminars do not have huge attendance your chance of winning a free IVF cycle is very good. Do not overlook IVF seminars as a source of free IVF. Seek them out, they are a superb opportunity!

Don’t forget IVF clinical trials. Participants in IVF clinical trials almost always get free IVF and free medications. You can search for clinical trials here

If you find one make a note of the Clinical Trial Identifier and follow these instructions to see if you qualify..

Call the Clinical Trials Hotline at 1-888-772-8734 (United States)
Give them the Clinical Trial Identifier of the trial you’re interested in.
They will ask you questions to see if you qualify.
If you qualify they will tell you your nearest participating fertility clinic.

The operators on this hotline do not have financial information, so they will not describe the clinical trial as free IVF. The financial arrangements are up to the participating fertility clinics. However, most clinics that participate in IVF clinical trials offer the IVF treatment and medications free to those who qualify for the study.